Howland Calls on Congressman Roskam to voice condemnation of Trump


Lake Zurich (June 8th, 2017) Amanda Howland, candidate for Congress, released the following statement regarding Former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony today in front of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence:

“The rule of law is one of the most important principles upon which our democracy is founded. Former Director Comey’s highly detailed and credible testimony makes clear that Donald J. Trump acted in blatant disregard of our American system of government, and lied to the American people. Trump clearly values loyalty to Trump over loyalty to the Constitution or our national security. Our Congressman, Peter Roskam, shares Trump’s values. As a community and as a nation, we deserve far better than the self-interested actions of Trump and his congressional protectors in DC, including Peter Roskam.

Mr. Comey unequivocally stated his belief that the Russian government interfered with the 2016 elections. Still, Republicans are refusing to investigate Russian interference in our elections, and they are not holding the administration accountable. At a time when our country urgently needs real leadership and courage in Congress, Roskam’s silence is deafening and makes clear that he is more interested in protecting Donald Trump than doing his job and protecting our nation. Trump’s personality disorders are so obvious and damaging that I’m shocked that Peter Roskam continues to support him. It’s simply not in line with our communities’ values. I call on Peter Roskam to stand up for the rule of law and voice his full-throated condemnation of Trump’s highly inappropriate, and potentially illegal, effort to thwart a necessary investigation.”