Howland Calls Trump’s Action An Unprecedented Move Against Our Planet


Lake Zurich (June 1st, 2017) Amanda Howland, Candidate for Congress, released the following statement in response to the President’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement:

“Today’s action by the President is an unprecedented move against our planet and future. Everyone from those of us who know and respect science, to the teachers in our community, to elected officials on both sides of the aisle, know this is a terrible move by the President. By withdrawing from this deal, we are putting the health of our planet at risk for future generations, while we are giving up our standing as a world leader on reversing the effects of manmade climate change. This decision hurts our environment, economy, national security, and world standing.

Even if Republican Peter Roskam thinks climate change is “junk science”, we know it is real and having devastating effects on our planet. In an extremely disingenuous and political move, climate change denier Peter Roskam suggested that Trump not withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. If Rep. Roskam was serious about the US remaining in the agreement, he would get together with his colleagues and publicly call for the President to reverse his move. As a longtime member of the Sierra Club, I have long fought to protect our environment and our planet’s future, and will continue to do so as a member of Congress.”