Howland denounces Congressman Roskam for “Throwing the 6th District under the bus”

Says Roskam (IL-06) vote on tax bill will mostly benefit big business

Lake Zurich (October 26th, 2017) Amanda Howland, Democratic candidate for Congress in Illinois 6th District, released the following statement on Congressman Peter Roskam tax vote.

“Peter Roskam has voted for a bill that threw our district under the bus. The 6th District is already one of the highest taxed districts in Illinois, and Roskan was very clear about the potential hit that this bill would have for our families. Roskam did not care because it is becoming apparent that he has decided to protect big business and send the top 1% huge tax breaks so he can receive their payoffs.

Republicans are falsely stating that their plan will help grow the economy by giving these big businesses tax breaks. History has already shown that these massive tax breaks for the wealthy will eventually create debt that will negatively impact middle-class families.

All the money in the world will not cover up the fact the Roskam continues to sell out the 6th District while continuing to grow his campaign war chest from the same people that are benefiting from our loss. The residents of the 6th District will not forget this on election day.”