Howland Kicked Out Of Chamber Event Featuring Roskam

Lake Zurich (August 30th, 2017) Amanda Howland, Democratic candidate for Congress in Illinois 6th District, released the following statement after yesterday’s incident in which she was kicked out of an event she attended that featured guest speaker Congressman Roskam.

“Yesterday, August 30th, I was invited to a coffee event with guest speaker Congressman Peter Roskam (R-IL). The event was sponsored by the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce, and I was a registered guest of a chamber member. I was delighted to accept the invitation because, as residents of the 6th District know, it’s hard to find an event where Roskam speaks to the public.

Prior to the event, I wondered if Roskam was going to show some regret for voting to gut our healthcare system and supporting President Trump’s failed policies. Unsurprisingly, Roskam continues to be a staunch cheerleader for the Trump administration.

It’s unfortunate that I had to go to a private, invitation-only function to hear Peter Roskam speak.  Our leaders should be more transparent and accessible.  I was very respectful and thankful for the opportunity to finally hear Mr. Roskam in person – it’s been a long time.

At the end of the function, I was recognized by an individual who I believe was an event organizer.  The individual blocked me from moving, stood face-to-face with me and said, “you have to go now.” I was shocked, embarrassed, and frankly, I froze. The individual stated that I had no right to be there. Even after I explained to him that I was a registered guest of one of the chamber members, he continued to hover so close to me that I feared he would forcibly remove me if I did not leave. Out of respect for the sponsoring chamber, I left. Once outside, a staffer informed me that Roskam was communicating to participants his displeasure with my presence at the event.

No one should be treated this way at an event with a public official that is meant to inform individuals about our government.

I’m not sure if Roskam requested that I be booted from the event. However, it is clear to me that he was a motivating factor. It’s bad enough that I can never hear my congressman in person because he refuses to hold town hall meetings. When I was finally able to hear him in person, I was harassed, intimidated and asked to leave. This is not what democracy should look like.

I am now more motivated than ever to take back the 6th District from a Member of Congress who refuses to be accessible to his constituents. Our government should be ruled by the people, not just those with wealth and political influence.”