While The Media Is Distracted By Trump, GOP Votes To Take Away Healthcare


Lake Zurich (July 25th, 2017) Amanda Howland, Democratic candidate for Congress in Illinois 6th District, released the following statement regarding the health care debacle in DC.

“We need a bipartisan solution that provides real, affordable health care for everyone. Roskam and the Republicans would take away health insurance from 30 million Americans. If we take away insurance for pre-existing conditions we are failing the people who need it the most. If we take health care away from folks who work in food service and education, we threaten everyone’s health. There is a reason that virtually every other developed country provides universal health care. You can not have a healthy society without healthy people,” said Amanda Howland.

Howland called on both parties in the House and the Senate to show bold vision and come up with a solution that covers EVERYONE – big corporations, small business, families, and individuals. Howland said, “Health care is a human right, not a perk for the privileged.”