Amanda Howland, Democratic candidate for IL 6th CD statement on passage of the Republican tax bill

Lake Zurich (November 2nd, 2017) Amanda Howland, Democratic candidate for Congress in Illinois 6th District, released the following statement on passage of the Republican tax bill:

“The Republican tax plan was written for wealthy Republican campaign contributors, the largest corporations and the wealthiest individuals, not for the average American.  Over 80% of the permanent cuts will benefit those making over $5 million a year and 15 of the largest and wealthiest corporations will receive a combined windfall of $236 billion. Meanwhile, average Americans and working families will be hit hard by the permanent cuts.  Making matters worse, by creating a $1.4 trillion deficit, the Republicans are laying the groundwork for cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.   

The consequences for the citizens of the 6th Congressional District are severe and Peter Roskam, who was a primary author of the plan, just doesn’t care.  Three of the counties that he represents (Lake, McHenry and DuPage) are likely to see drops of up to 10% in home values. This plan is going to hurt an already struggling housing market. When questioned about the damage the tax bill will do to millions of people in Illinois, Roskam noted that while many in his district will likely experience tax increases, top earners will see a decrease. Peter Roskam has proven over and over that he has no shame. He simply doesn’t care that his policies have hurt his constituents and the State of Illinois.

The best way to fight the egregious tax overhaul our representative is celebrating today is for Democrats to make sure that the people who wrote and voted for this bill are not re-elected in 2018. If the 6th District sends me to Washington, I will proudly stand with my progressive colleagues in the House and fight tirelessly every single day for a new, fairer tax code that does not prioritize the wealthy over middle and working-class families. I’m running for Congress because our district deserves a representative who will concentrate on the needs of constituents over the wishes of big donors.”