Lake Zurich (January 6th, 2018) Amanda Howland, candidate for the Democratic nomination in 6th Congressional District of Illinois is leading in polling and social media metrics in the race to run against Peter Roskam in November.  Howland now added the endorsement of Northside DFA to her support.


Northside DFA has announced their endorsement of Amanda Howland. Carl Nyberg, Co-Chair of Northside DFA  said, “Amanda Howland is running as the most progressive candidate in Illinois’ Sixth Congressional District. She has a history of advocating for progressive causes and has served in local government. She will advocate for universal healthcare, protect the environment, fund education and support net neutrality. Democrats need to go beyond opposing bad conservative policies; they need to advocate for a positive agenda that will move the United States forward. Amanda Howland is the kind of new blood needed to kick DC Democrats in the ass and get them to advocate for the 99%, not just to figure out the most pragmatic configuration of lobbyists to make happy today.”


Northside DFA is a progressive political organization that meets monthly. The mission of Northside DFA is to elect socially progressive, fiscally responsible and ethically committed Democrats to all levels of government. Northside DFA does this by getting members to volunteer on the campaigns of endorsed candidates. Northside DFA members are passionate about progressive politics and have the political experience it takes to win elections. A number of Northside DFA members have gone on to become elected officials. Northside DFA is affiliated with Democracy For America, a national political organization based in Burlington, Vermont that grew out of Howard Dean’s 2004 campaign for President.


Howland has previously been endorsed by State Rep. Will Guzzardi.