Amanda Howland is a trustee on the College of Lake County board, where she previously served as Chairman, an attorney, and a pragmatic progressive candidate for the United States House of Representatives from the Sixth District of Illinois in 2018.

Amanda has lived in Lake Zurich for more than 20 years. She began teaching behavior-disordered teens, initially at Allendale School for Boys, a residential facility in Lake Villa. She next taught at North Junior High (now Bernotas Junior High) in Crystal Lake while working on her Master's degree in administration. She became an administrator in U-46 at the largest elementary school in the district (1400 students in Bartlett, K-6). Along the way, building on her own competitive experience as a teen athlete, she became a nationally ranked gymnastics judge, who still officiates at tournaments in the district and throughout Northern Illinois.

As a school administrator, Amanda became motivated by the challenges associated with legal issues in education and decided to attend law school. As a result, she is still paying off student loans and so understands the burdens faced by students and their families who know that education is the key to success. As a current College of Lake County trustee, she has witnessed the struggles that students go through to afford education and believes that all students should be able to have access to college and/or vocational education.

Amanda's law practice is devoted to protecting the rights of people in both civil rights cases and employment law. She has a great deal of experience negotiating fair settlements and is eager to take that experience to Congress to keep fighting for a fair shake for the middle class. Amanda knows it is time to begin the work to move America forward.

As our Member of Congress, Amanda will put our needs first.

The only force more powerful than money or the political machine is a movement of people. When we mobilize and work together our voice is too loud to ignore. If we want an economy that works for regular people, a community that respects our differences, and a government that defends our individual rights, we must stand together and demand just that.

Our political culture is broken. If we keep doing things the same way -- electing the same kinds of people -- we're going to get the same result. I hope you will join me in challenging the status quo. Working together, we can achieve real, meaningful change. I am not a millionaire or a career politician. Like many of you, I'm someone who wants to be involved and help our community and country. I've spent my career serving the public, first teaching emotionally disturbed students, then as an elementary school administrator, and finally as an attorney.

I'm running because, for too long, those with money and insider connections have dominated our government. Wealthy special interests and political insiders control a system that benefits them and ignores our voice. Yet, we still pay the price.

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