A Progressive Agenda for the 6th District

Amanda believes that education is the cornerstone of our democracy and our economy, and she will fight to make educational opportunity available to all.

Amanda is a Trustee of the College of Lake County, and previously served students as a special education teacher and school administrator. She has the experience and insight to improve our educational system. Amanda understands that too many young people are graduating from college with crippling debt and many other young people are not able to go to college because of rising tuition costs. The exorbitant cost of higher education has a draining effect on our economy and Amanda knows that it must be addressed – and soon. Amanda supports free public education from pre-K through two years of college or technical school, and in Congress, she will continue to advocate for solutions that provide free or more affordable higher education to students from all backgrounds, such as the community college initiative launched by President Obama’s administration.

Amanda will also have a positive impact on elementary and secondary education as your Representative in Congress. The time Amanda spent in elementary and middle school classrooms showed Amanda just how critical it is that we prioritize high-quality public education for all. It is important to Amanda that public funding is directed to public neighborhood schools so that all residents of the 6th District have the option to send their children to high quality public schools without excessive financial burden. Amanda supports local control of public education and fewer unfunded federal mandates.

Additionally, Amanda believes that standardized testing has become too pervasive, and she recognizes that some teachers are now forced to “teach to the test” instead of truly educating students. Amanda will work to effectively balance the need for both teacher freedom in the classroom and standard measures of student achievement. Importantly, as a lifelong athlete and artist, Amanda knows that funding for music, art, sports, and other extracurricular and creative opportunities are important for students. She will fight to make sure that students all over the 6th district are able to explore creative interests through their schools.

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