Equal Rights

A Progressive Agenda for the 6th District

Amanda’s strong conviction in support of equal rights is deeply personal.

From growing up in racially-segregated Detroit to teaching students with disabilities to practicing civil rights law, Amanda understands that equal rights for all is a fundamental cornerstone of our nation. To Amanda, equal rights does not simply mean tolerance for people of different races, religions, abilities, sexual orientations or gender identities, but full inclusion of all people in all facets of public life.

Amanda supports strong federal laws and policies to further full equality, which are opposed by Roskam. She believes that women deserve equal pay for equal work, that parents should be able to take paid leave from work when a child is born or a family member is sick, and that every woman has the right to control her own body. She believes that Planned Parenthood serves a vital role in promoting women’s health and should continue to be funded by federal health care dollars.

Amanda supports the Equality Act, which would provide broad protections for LGBTQ people in employment, housing, and public accommodations, and she opposes efforts to ban transgender soldiers from serving their country. She supports the Disability Integration Act, which would allow people with disabilities to live and receive services integrated in their communities. And, Amanda supports efforts to ensure that African-Americans are not racially profiled or mistreated by law enforcement. She opposes laws — such as disproportionate penalties for minor drug offenses — that have resulted in the mass incarceration of people of color.

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