International Relations and Diplomacy

A Progressive Agenda for the 6th District

We are a stronger and safer nation if we are a trusted member and leader of the community of nations.

Amanda supports diplomacy as our primary tool of engagement, and she believes that military action should only be used as a last resort. Amanda strongly supports the United States’ leading role in the United Nations and our NATO Alliance. Amanda believes that the military-industrial complex has resulted in excessive and unnecessary military spending — often more than even the military requests — that can be reduced without having any negative impact on the safety of the United States.

Amanda is alarmed by the Trump Administration’s Twitter “diplomacy,” as demonstrated by Trump’s irresponsible tweets about North Korea calling its leader “Rocket Man.” Amanda supports the nuclear deal with Iran and believes it to be a step forward in stability in the Middle East and safety around the world.  

While Russian involvement in our 2016 election is not often the first thing people talk about when they meet Amanda, she believes it is the role of Congress to ensure that a full investigation be conducted and that the Mueller investigation be fully funded and supported. This investigation is important not only because it can discover whether any unethical or illegal conduct occurred and punish those involved in wrongdoing, but because it will ensure that we understand how to prevent foreign influence over future elections.

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