Amanda believes that education is the cornerstone of our democracy and our economy, and she will fight to make educational opportunity available to all.

Amanda is a Trustee of the College of Lake County, and she has been a special education teacher and school administrator. She has the experience and insight to improve our educational system. Amanda understands that too many young people are graduating from college with crippling debt and many other young people are not able to go to college because of rising tuition costs. This has a draining effect on our economy that is critical to address. Amanda will advocate for solutions that provide free or more affordable higher education, such as the community college initiative implemented during President Obama’s administration.

Amanda will also have a positive impact on elementary and secondary education as your Representative in Congress. She believes that standardized testing has become too pervasive, and teachers are now “teaching to the test” instead of truly educating students. Amanda will work to address this imbalance. Amanda will also work to ensure that public funding is directed to public neighborhood schools so that all residents of the 6th District have the option to send their children to high quality public schools.

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