Amanda understands that climate change is a real threat, but that it also provides an opportunity for us to transform our economy.

Amanda has taken an active part in supporting sustainable energy for the College of Lake County in her role as a Trustee, including a goal to have all college buildings LEED certified platinum. From this experience, she recognizes the great opportunity to invest in the growing green economy, including the wind and solar energy industries, which would create thousands of good paying jobs here in Illinois and the 6th District.

Amanda's opponent, Peter Roskam, is a Climate Change denier, and he has even voted for a law designed to restrict the number of scientists on the EPA's Scientific Advisory Board. In contrast, Amanda will fight for science and clean air, clean water, and clean energy. Amanda will also advocate for green infrastructure improvements, such as promoting permeable pavement through federal incentives, which will not only be good for the environment, but also jumpstart our economy and create good jobs.

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