Amanda believes health care is a right, and she will fight to expand health insurance coverage to all residents of the 6th District.

As a cancer survivor, health insurance and access to health care is personal to Amanda. She understands the need to provide affordable health insurance to people with pre-existing conditions. Amanda strongly opposes the American Health Care Act, recently passed by the House of Representatives with the support of Peter Roskam, who voted to put partisan politics over the people of the 6th District. Amanda believes ACHA is harmful because it will result in millions of people with pre-existing conditions losing their health insurance. ACHA is nothing more than a tax cut for the wealthy on the backs of low income and older citizens who will lose health insurance.

Amanda is disturbed by the fact that the U.S. is the only industrialized country in the world that does not provide basic health care for all, and she believes the U.S. needs to move toward a single payer option. As we move toward a single payer system, Amanda supports improving the Affordable Care Act to respond to rising healthcare costs, rising insurance premiums, and high deductibles, taking lessons from states that have managed these issues. She will also work to get unrestrained prescription drug costs under control. Amanda believes that no family should go bankrupt when a family member gets sick, no person should be shackled to a job just to keep their health insurance, and the emergency room should not be anyone's primary medical provider.

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