A Progressive Agenda for the 6th District

Amanda is a strong supporter of organized labor and believes in unions and collective bargaining rights.

As a civil rights lawyer, she defends the rights of workers and she has consistently for many years. Amanda believes that so-called “right to work” laws supported by Roskam mean the right to work “for less” — less money, fewer benefits, reduced worker safety, and zero job security.

Amanda understands that the decline in the middle class has largely resulted from the decline in union membership and ability to bargain for fair wages. Amanda has a lifelong track record of supporting laws and policies that make it easier for people to organize and join unions.

Amanda also believes that any trade agreements negotiated by the United States should protect the rights of workers at home and abroad. Trade agreements should support good jobs in the United States and promote sustainable development abroad that takes into account a healthy environment. Our current trade policies have had a negative impact on the manufacturing sector and unions, and Amanda will fight for a revitalized manufacturing industry, including expanded green manufacturing.  

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